Net Irrigate, LLC – an SaaS-enabled mobile technology company – is licensing the proprietary xProxy®, Microsoft Azure Cloud-based, remote monitoring and notification software platform, complete with an Application Programming Interface (“API”) and Mobile App (iOS and Android), and the related xProxy® communication device.

Net Irrigate’s xProxy® product offering includes a ground-breaking Verizon, FCC-certified communication device which encapsulates the API. The xProxy® Link is turnkey, self-powered, durable (indoor or outdoor deployments), and self-diagnosing. It is extremely versatile and easy to install on virtually any switch, or sensor, that possesses a set of “dry contacts.”

The xProxy® Platform includes the secure xProxy® Cloud (notification, aggregation engine) and the xProxy® App (iOS and Android), along with the xProxy® Link. The Platform was developed internally by the Company’s software development and R&D teams. The xProxy® software is an IIoT development “wrapper” compatible with common IP communication methods. Its user-friendly features and ease of installation enhance each customer’s experience. The xProxy® makes the complexities of remote monitoring implementations and setting up customized alerts, simple!