the alert system that enables machines to notify virtually anything

the machine alert and notification system


A simple self powered auto dialer to make your machines talk. The xProxy® features a pre-configured embedded cellular modem for instant connectivity.

xProxy® cloud
xProxy® cloud

A secure and robust saas platform for iot (internet of things) messaging. The xProxy® api makes it easy to add user configurable notifications to your m2m solutions.

xProxy® app
xProxy® app

An end user mobile app for configuring and managing xProxy® enabled devices. Includes detailed event logging and auditing of outbound notifications.


  • step 1

    Connect the xProxy® auto dialer to any set of dry contacts.

  • step 2

    Use the xProxy® app on your smart phone - apps available on Google Play and in the Apple App Store - to register your xProxy® auto dialer.

  • step 3

    Create a message that should get sent when the xProxy® auto dialer detects a change in state.

  • step 4

    Define a call list to receive the message created in step 3. Those on your call list may receive text, email, voice and/or push notifications.



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